3D Architectural

The architectural renderings that WCI produces allow our clients to tell the story of their development or project long before the shovel hits the dirt. Whether for conceptual or marketing purposes, from renovations and single-family homes to low-rise multi-family and high-rise buildings, WCI will help you visualize & present your project from the best vantage points & perspectives

Graphic Design &
Digital Illustration

Combining elegance & function, WCI’s web and graphic design services not only help to inform your audience, but to stimulate & attract them. Our designers select & combine elements such as type, graphics, and images to communicate ideas as effectively as possible. From logos and brochures, websites and presentation centre graphics, our knowledge of composition, layout, and typography ensure that your brand and message are indelibly & distinctively expressed.


WCI’s interactive touchscreen programs are visual displays that showcase your project or development. Composed using a variety of media, they are visually stimulating promotional presentations that relay your offering in an interactive & dynamic way. Ideal for presentation centres and/or websites, these unique marketing tools are an extremely effective user experience.

Additional Services

Some other services WCI provides are:

  • Architectural Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Aerial Drone Photography
  • Commercial Illustrations
  • Video Production & Motion Graphics
  • Unit Plan Sanitization
  • Interactive Hardware Sourcing & Installation

Essentially, WCI can arrange for most, if not all services you require for your marketing needs.

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